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One day with a VW family - at Fantasy mall Balikpapan Baru

It's so lucky..as part of year end party in Fantasy mall Balikpapan baru was conducted a Jambore Nasional Volkswagen Indonesia during 30 Dec 2011 to 1 Jan 2012. This festival was sponsored by TELKOMSEL..there are many activities beside of classic car show such as: dancing & singing contest then finally end up with fireworks party to celebrate new year 2012.

In here, Arham can saw many classic VW car types starting from VW bettle type (kodok), VW combi until the new generation of VW sporty car.

See some pictures below: Arham poses in front of those car types.

with VW Bettle old generation

with VW Bettle defile like "a rainbow colour"

with VW Combi

with new VW sporty

in addition, Arham also took a picture infront of old jeep cars

That's all my story during one day with VW family.

see you soon..

iklan MUG & KAOS

Minggu, 11 Desember 2011

Nov-11_Trip to Paris van Java (Bandung) & Batavia (Jakarta)

We travelled to JKT by using Garuda flight GA513 departed from Sepinggan at 10.40..arrived at Soekarno-Hatta Jakarta at 11.35. Pak dhe Andik already standby to pick up us...then we were directly travelling to Bandung by car. Arham really enjoy the travelling...from Jakarta along the road we saw a lot of high building & monuments..one of them ex-Papi office "Wisma Mulia" blue tower & Tugu Pancoran below.

We went to Bandung via Cipularang highway. It tooks time ~ 3hours for trip..finally we arrived at Bandung arround 6 pm. Thursday evening, we were already tired so we just went to Grand setiabudi hotel to do check in. Hotel rate for deluxe room (but it's relatively small for family) Rp 476.000 at weekdays and Rp 565.000 for weekend.

Before sleeping...we took a dinner at a small resto sate+tongseng "MAREM" at just in front of hotel. The price is relatively cheap in average per porsi ~ Rp 11.000,-.

Day-2: Friday: visit Rumah Sosis Setiabudi..continue with travelling to Lembang

"Wilujeng Sumping"

Gedung Sate as Bandung's landmark

"Wilujeng sumping"...in this Friday morning finally we felt a real atmosphere of Bandung.. Ibuk, Arham, adik & mbak Anna already took a breakfast at hotel while Papi & pakde Andik not yet. So we went arround the town to find a special "sarapan pagi". In fact, eventhough we already did along travelling here...Papi still choosed "a GUDEG" for his breakfast. The price was still cheap ~ Rp 13,000,-

After took a breakfast...everybody already fulled with their tank, then we went to Rumah Sosis. Arham want to try some playground there. Entrance ticket only 3000,- per person,...after for each playgame there will be another payment. The choice either we select the games and pay for each...or we pay for a packages. In here, Arham tried ATP motor track with ticket fee Rp 20,000- , mini bom-bom car with ticket fee Rp 12,000, and mini golf for children with ticket fee Rp 12,000 also. See my attraction with ATP motor.

Meanwhile Ibuk & adik enjoyed to eat some menu in the restaurant...see Adik while eating the chocolate ice cream.

Finished playing in this area arround 11.00...so Papi has to go for Friday praying..then we went to Lembang to see any masjid there. While Papi conduct a praying...we were travelling arround Lembang area to see the beautiful natural view. In here, Arham saw a traditional dokar which was look different compared to other city like Jogja or Jakarta.

Now..it's a lunch time...we were trying to find a special resto...but it was not so easy to find a special one in here. Finally we choosed warung Sate Kelinci (rabbit)....because Arham want to see this beautiful animal...he hehe. See Arham took a picture together with the rabbit...before it was slaughter to be cook as sate & tongseng. The price also relatively cheap..in average Rp 17,000 per menu.

After lunch we went back to the town, Ibuk want to see some factory outlets at surrounding Cihampelas then finally we took a rest at Cihampelas square. In here many young people gather for kong kow kong kow...(spend a fun time with full music, resto, and sometimes a life concert). We tried a classic resto for dinner...unfortunately Arham forgot it's name.

Day 3 &4: Saturday&Sunday: Papi conduct the study...Arham jalan-jalan

As Papi want to conduct study at ITB, so we woke up early also. Arham with pakde Andik delivered Papi to campus while seeing some weekend morning activities there such as: people who riding bycicle, jogging etc.

Unfortunately, during Arham trip arround Bandung town...no body who take the photograph. So I can't tell much when Arham visit & play at Balikpapan Supermall etc.

Sunday evening, after Papi finished study then we directly picked up him and travelling to Jakarta. Our destination was Sheraton Media hotel..located at Gunung Sahari, Mangga Besar. We arrived at Sheraton hotel at 21.00pm..after checkin then we immediately went upstair at 8th floor for taking a rest. In here, previously Papi booked the hotel via travel for deluxe room, so we got a special rate Rp 525.000 for weekend and Rp 585.000 for weekdays. See Arham really enjoy the situation as the facility is much more complete than previous hotel in Bandung. In here, Arham took a picture in front of lift, at lobby, at swimming pool and in the restaurant.

This is outside view from Sheraton hotel 8th floor.

Day-5: Monday: stay in hotel, walking arroung Mangga Besar

All big family in Jakarta were gathered here...from Mami, nenek Ros, Hafiz, Almira came to visit us.. We played together at swimming pool..and finallly took a dinner in front of Mangga Dua Square. There are a lot of small resto which was designed like Pecinan...means like chineese town area. In here we could select variative menu from bebek goreng/bakar ala resto, nasi goreng, siomay, seafood etc...offcourse with price relatively cheap compared to real resto.

After that we back to hotel as we have to prepare for departure to Balikpapan tomorrow morning.

Day-6: Tuesday
We travelled back to Balikpapan by using Garuda flight GA 518, departure from JKT at 13.45 then arrived in Balikpapan at 16.55.

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One day within a FORD family

In this place I can choose whatever Ford type I want to have.??...

with big truck "Ford Ranger" -->this is for Papi

with a gentle minibus "Ford Ranger"

with a white "Focus" -->this is for Ibuk

with a purple "Ford Fiesta sporty" --->this for Arham

with light blue "Ford Fiesta standard" -->for adik

Senin, 14 November 2011

Road map (peta jalan) Bandung

zoom Bandung map

Bandung northern area

Bandung southern area